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Coffee Culture

Hey Fundi Fans. We know things are tough right now, and oooh boy do we miss seeing your happy faces and hearing a loud "howzit" between friends, but hey, at least #coffee is still on the cards!

During the initial lockdown in SA while we were all stuck at home, dreaming of our lives before the pandemic, we know so many of you craved frothy cappuccinos and rich, dark espressos from your favourite coffee spots. We know we did! We missed the aroma of the fresh beans grinding, and the sound of our golden La Marzocco machine happily steaming away.

Our love affair with coffee started many, many years ago. From sharing rustic brews on an open flame in northern Mozambique, to sampling maté with Argentinian friends in Norway... oh the stories we could tell!

That's why at Food Fundi Café, we want our coffee not only to be delicious, but memorable. The way you drink your coffee is not just about preference. It's tied to culture, and to history.

Your Americano has gone through a surprising number of considerations...

coffee cappuccino coffee shop Ballito restaurant breakfast sugar rush park
Nombuso enjoying the morning grind at our beautiful golden La Marzocco.

Most importantly, we choose Brustar Coffee as our bean supplier; owner Bruce Manning is a multiple award-winning barista champion in his own right, and is always on the cutting edge of the industry. He cares about where his beans come from, what soil they were farmed in, and is constantly teaching, sharing, and chatting about coffee. His knowledge is unparalleled.

With him, we are constantly checking that our water quality is on par, that the milks (dairy and non-dairy) are top notch, and that our machine calibrations are spot on.

The grind settings also play a role in the flavour of your coffee. If the beans are ground too finely or too coarsely, it drastically affects the way the water filters through it, which taints the taste.

We also have some of the finest baristas around in Bruce (another Bruce!) and Nombuso, who ensure that each delicious cup honours this entire process. Their expert hands can tell by touch alone when the right temperature is reached while frothing the milk for a cappuccino, and they always appreciate the joy of a customer's first sip. So don't be shy to show them some (socially distanced) love!

Let us know what you think of our coffees on our socials, and we'll spread the love right back at ya. (We just gifted our top 10 Fundi fans via Zapper with R50 vouchers, so you never know, you could be next :)


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