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Loopy for lollies

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Ballito has a reputation for being, well, hotashell. The plus side of the frizzy hair days and sizzling summers is that we have a gorgeous winter, so you can expect the official Ballito uniform of flip flops and baggies to be donned all year round. This also means that the humble ice lolly is part of our staple diet here in KZN. And boy do kids (and big kids) love a popsicle, best enjoyed after they’ve been gleefully screeching their bikes through neighbouring @HollaTrails or bouncing high at our other neighbours at @TheJumpPark (Sugar Rush Park also has plenty of other fun activities.)

That’s why we knew it was important to have an offering that gave the kids something sweet and delicious, and the parents peace of mind that their kids weren’t ingesting pure processed sugars and colourants with zero nutrition, as is the case with many of the mass-produced ice creams and lollies.

Being parents ourselves, we didn’t want other parents to feel dread as their mini me’s clamoured en masse toward the ice cream freezer, so we were excited when we met the local family who created @DelishIceSA. They use nothing but fresh fruit and wholesome ingredients, just the way we like it! Flavours include It takes Two to Mango, Two-Faced Tropical (Pineapple ad Kiwi), Pink Litchi Lemonade, Café Strawberry, and new to the family Choc Almond, Almond Vanilla.

Best enjoyed under the shade of our giant fig tree, or on our newly paved verandah overlooking the rolling green sugar cane fields of the North Coast.

Find Delishice SA on Facebook @delishicesa


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